Welcome to the Adventist Evangelistic Volunteer Corp.  We are a group of Adventist singers, preachers, testimony givers that travel from church to church as requested to fortify the faith of others in a God that we believe will be soon among us.

The AEVC is looking for members willing to tithe their talent for Evangelistic Outreach. Call or email Elder Mike Crespo for an
interview to discuss how you can help the outreach to
our SDA church community. 

When Adventists think of the mission field, we normally don't think of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Yet these areas have many churches in the Greater New York area that have dwindling attendance, missing members, members leaving, and as a result, these churches are losing their resources, their men and woman workers, inevitably putting our church's future in danger and creating an atmosphere that might lead to church closures in the near future.




(917) 414-9111  AdventistVolunteer.com    Email: preach@mail.com